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Yoshimichi Kameda

If there’s an animator who really stood out in Bones‘ second incarnation of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’, then it’s certainly Yoshimichi Kameda [亀田祥倫]. His animation is what Yutaka Nakamura‘s work was to the 2003 version, in other words he’s the secret star of the show. Kameda wasn’t on my radar until FMA, though hardly surprising since he began his career just three years ago, in 2007. Apparently, he started out at AIC and did his first key animation on the 20th anniversary special ‘Oh My Goddess: Fighting Wings’. Kameda also worked on several of Hiroshi Ikehata‘s episodes (Soul Eater #34, Zettai Karen Children #27/#37), but he was credited with a synonym (Sukiyo Sazan) so his name didn’t ring a bell at first when he began doing that great work on Fullmetal Alchemist under his real name (he used that alias on episode 5, though). He quickly became a favorite of Japanese animation fans because of his amazing scene in episode 19 (Mustang burning Lust to death) which is really mind-blowing in view of the density and intenseness of the animation and beauty of the effects. According to the official blog, 10000 drawings were used for this outstanding episode and I dare to bet that this came about mainly due to Kameda‘s part. He was even credited for inbetweens so he obviously wanted to keep full control of his cuts.

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