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Hiroyasu Oda

One of the lesser known – yet very skilled and present – effect animators these days is Hiroyasu Oda [小田裕康]. He began his career as animator at Magic Bus and has apparently never cut his ties with that studio since you can still find him working for them every now and then (such as Magic Bus‘ ‘Katekyō Hitman Reborn!’ #179, to name a recent example). Oda is one of those young animators of recent years who have come up with their very own individual style and as such it’s not really surprising that he is also involved in aho_boy‘s aka Hiroshi Ikehata‘s episodes from time to time. Incidentally, it was Oda‘s work on Ikehata‘s ‘Hayate no Gotoku!’ #39 that first brought him to my attention as – even among all the great animation in this almost legendary episode – his short yet very impressive part stood out. Not just because of the effects, but also in virtue of the thrilling framing and the wonderful movement. Take a look at the images of this scene below, he adds much dynamic to this part by moving both the character and camera resp. background. This is the kind of action I like to see in animation.

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